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pregnancy diary at 31 weeks! part 2

Blissful Living BlogPosted by Joanna Bond Wed, May 24, 2017 16:03:02

Joanna's top tips
1. see a naturopath
2. Two glasses of cold lemon water before breakfast and one glass of green juice, I like barley grass or fresh juice of greens.
3. eat a vegan protein rich diet within an hour of waking
4. Every morning when you wake meditate for 10-15 mins then hipno Birthing meditation cd/you tube in the evening
5. nettle tea (go out and pick it wild remember gloves) and cherries for iron.
6. Magnesium spray calming and help digestion
7. Homeopathic pregnancy kit(homeopathy can help give you an energy shift that can help you transform, it is helpful if you combine it with positive mind set like meditation or hipno-birthing to get the best results.
8. Acupuncture
9. pregnancy yoga class or DVD
10. Hipno birthing class/ book/youtube/
11. Remember to do the simple and free things in life like spend time laughing with friends and family, walks in nature, try taking your shoes off for extra feelings of grounding (walking barefooted is called earthing)

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